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Help available for Microsoft Access and SQL projects.

I can help get your project back on the rails.

Stuck? Then I can mentor your database design and get your project back on the right track.

Starting from a concept.........no problem !

I have  experience in :-

bulletDatabase design
bulletEasy user interfaces
bulletVBA and Visual Basic
bulletinterfacing to SQL and other software products
bulletInternet Engineering
bulletMan Machine Interface (MMI)
bulletAccounting Systems
bulletData conversion from other systems
bulletPHP and MYSQL
bulletMuch more

Based in New Zealand - but clients all over the World


Beyond MSAccess --> Visual Basic

Not everything is achievable through queries, forms, macros and reports. For these occasions Visual Basic (VBA) is the tool Microsoft have provided for doing just about anything with your MSAccess application. It is particularly useful for occasions when classic structured programming (you know using IF, WHEN, LOOP etc.)  is required for a solution.  With VBA, everything is possible - interfacing to other applications, specialist searching of data, ASCII data output and so on.

Whether you are designing from scratch , or are already part way there, I can help you along the way or take your project to successful  completion.

Chris Fisher

"...sometimes when you are up to your neck in alligators it is difficult to remember that you set out to drain the swamp..."